Who We Are

Changefactor was formed in 2008 as a response to the growing need for quality, creative, engaging training for health and social care staff across London. The customer base of Changefactor continues to grow with excellent feedback.

Changefactor maintains its strong position in this field, credited to;

Its founder’s 20 years of designing, facilitating and evaluating courses for foster carers and other social care staff;

Associate facilitators that remain occupationally competent by practicing and adhering to continual professional requirements;

A strong practice base in foster care practice, social work and safeguarding children; and

A strong commitment to promoting healthy families for the nurturing of children to adulthood.

Our Outcomes

  • To assist organisations in the identification of its training needs, development, delivery and evaluation of training;
  • To assist individuals in developing their skills, knowledge and value base for life and work; and
  • To promote the model of learning organisations.

What We Do

  • Provide and evaluate tailor made training and development courses;
  • Provide development support for individuals, teams and organisations; and
  • Provide consultation to organisations and individuals.

Our Philosophy

  • Life provides us with many of the skills we use and build on in our jobs and professions;
  • Learning happens in many environments;
  • We learn best when we are encouraged, our learning needs are met, and our learning styles are acknowledged and accommodated;
  • Those that we serve must be supported to be in a position to help themselves;
  • We enjoy learning when we feel safe and enjoy the process and environment of learning;
  • We believe a conscious awareness of our skills, knowledge and values helps to eradicate complacency, thus promote safe effective practice; and
  • We believe that training should be made accessible to all regardless of race, age, faith, sexuality, ability, gender, immigration status, employment status or work/shift patterns.