Liz Murray-Bligh
Integrative Child Psychotherapist (M.A., MBACP)

In March 2011 I attended a day’s training, ‘Barnado’s Domestic Violence Risk Assessment’, which was run by Vivienne Springer. From the moment she introduced herself I was aware that this was going to be a memorable and, dare I say, enjoyable day. Vivienne’s in depth knowledge and passion around the subject matter, combined with her charismatic and infectious personality, enabled me, (and I believe the group as a whole), to maintain a high level of focus throughout what could have potentially been a fairly demanding day. She interspersed a more formal approach to teaching with a number of fun, exploratory, and constructive exercises during which the group interacted and worked together. As an integrative psychotherapist, I am always interested to meet and share knowledge with people from other disciplines, and this aspect of training provided me with plenty of opportunities to do so. It also helped the group to gel, ensuring that everyone contributed fully to what was an insightful and valuable day’s learning.

Lola Oseni
Director of Orchids Fostering for Children South London

Orchidsffc is an agency who is very passionate about the quality of training it offers to foster carers. Without a doubt Vivienne’s style of training and skills demonstrates a very high standard and knowledge of the subject. She not only engages the foster carers in an interactive session, but she also provides them with practical advise and useful materials which they are able to take away and use in their day to day caring of children in placements. The carers certainly expressed satisfaction with the information they received from Vivienne’s training session.

Judy Butlin
Training & Development Co-ordinator (foster carers) Ealing Council

Vivienne has been providing quality training courses for Ealing foster carers over the past 7 years. Her courses are always well-researched and up to date. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her subject and has a very clear and in-depth understanding of the role of the foster carer. Vivienne is a very skilled trainer who is able to challenge participants about their practice in a constructive way thereby helping them to reflect on what they are doing and to think about what they might want to do differently to improve their practice. The feedback from her courses has been consistently very good and carers greatly value her knowledge and her understanding of their role.

Khushbir Green
Service Manager Independent Asian Fosteing Bureau

At IAFB we are looking to set up a contact centre. We found the course to be helpful, informative and gave us the tools to undertake the task at hand. We will certainly be taking further training in the future to develop our skills. What I found really helpful was the level of knowledge backed by theory and practice that Vivienne was able to deliver in one day. All in all an excellent days training.